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Selfless Service

Written by GW Ayers III

Selfless service. It means many things to many people. I have often tried to nail down what that means to me. It has changed over the years. When I first was introduced to the concept, it meant serving the country, the Army and my teammates without regard to my own wellbeing. It evolved into serving the community in many ways, through the Knights of Columbus, coaching football in Pasadena California, and unloading trucks at the various foodbanks in the LA Area. Lately it has become through mentorship and helping others with their professional careers that I am helping future leaders. Building leaders one conversation at a time. 

Having your antennas up to receive messages is so important as we move ahead in helping others. I had donated time, talent and treasure to many worthy causes. When I was asked to join the Resilient Warrior team, it seemed like a natural fit. Building effective teams is a large part of my life’s mission. Helping Veterans that are at risk of homelessness, is truly a call to service that I cannot deny. 

We have assembled an all-volunteer staff that are willing to give of themselves to benefit the veteran.  I have talked to many people that have told me that selfless volunteers are hard to come by. We must be the luckiest team on the planet. Each of the individuals that have surrounded this cause are the kind of great Americans that we can all be proud to know. 

I am looking forward to what we are trying to accomplish. One thing is for sure, we will work very hard to accomplish this mission. And who knows, maybe we can build some leaders along the way.

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