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The Dirty 13 Donation

GW Ayers accepting the generous donation for Resilient Warrior from the Dirty 13

The Wichita community always shines through especially when it comes to lending a hand to those in need. Too often, our veteran community is left out and expected to have everything just “figured out” when they get out of the military. Society expects us to fall in ranks as civilians with no turbulence and no questioning. What a lot of people regularly forget about is that a lot of service members are going through a challenging highly friction area of navigating their lives. Add on the elements of potentially having diagnosed PTSD and high levels of anxiety, bills adding up, no one caring about what you have done or accomplished in the past, and almost everyone turning a blind eye to someone struggling. All these ingredients combined with additional unexpected elements could lead a transitioning veteran behind and forgotten about and indirectly pushed into an irreparable state. Organizations like Resilient Warrior and the Dirty 13 will bridge this gap for our veterans.

Resilient Warrior understands these circumstances and with the help of the Dirty 13 who have risen to the call of continuing their service to our community. Their amazing $1000.00 and unexpected donation to Resilient Warrior will enable us to make the lives of our veterans more comforting. Their selfless act will go a long way in paving veteran advocacy and improving the influence of those around to step up. With Base Camp Harper becoming tattered from past Kansas storms and winds, we will be able to allocate funds to upkeep the property and remain comfortable and safe for our veterans.

The Dirty 13 discovered Resilient Warrior through our mutual relations at VFW Post 3115 located on the west side of Wichita, KS. My friend and Post Commander – Robert Goodell led this amazing biker cohort filled with veterans to our calling. Through our relations with veteran organizations around the city, Resilient Warrior’s message continues to spread. As we continue our mission and journey for the never-ending goal of veteran advocacy, I find it imperative to expand the word of Resilient Warrior. Through selfless actions, dedication, and communication, we will assist veterans in need around our region.

Moreover, the Dirty 13 came out when their number was called without question. After meeting them they became more than an acquaintance, they became brothers and comrades. If you’re seeing this “Grumpy” and everyone else, GW and I say, “Thank you, fellas.” You guys are incredible and always welcome, and we look forward to future rides and poker runs – when it’s a little bit warmer out there.

Additionally, it will take selfless moves like the Dirty 13 and other people to receive the support our veteran communities need and deserve. Let’s do it for them as many of them have done countless selfless acts for us unknowingly. Resilient Warrior is always looking for partners and friends, if you have any questions or information on how you could impact the lives of veterans, please reach out to us.

Thank you again Wichita for your support and thank you to VFW Post 3115 for introducing us to some amazing fellas. Thank you Dirty 13!

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